10 New Science Fiction & Fantasy Books Releasing in March 2022

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Tell Me an Ending by Jo Harkin

Reviewers have described it as “Black Mirror meets Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind” — some even likening it to Memento. With so much praise so soon before its March 1st release, this dystopian novel about a world in which troubling memories can be erased already has high expectations to meet.

Tell Me an Ending is Berkshire-native Jo Harkin’s first published novel, but given the warm reception of her debut work, readers should be on the look-out for more from her in the future.

The Cartographers by Peng Shepherd

Those seeking magic and mystery need look no further than the tale of a young cartographer tasked with solving the death of a family member. Nell Young must restore her tarnished reputation with only a single map to guide her — the same one that lost her everything.

Best known for The Future Library and The Book of M, Peng Shepherd — a world traveler and award-winning writer — will release The Cartographers on March 15th.

The Kaiju Preservation Society by John Scalzi

A Hollywood blockbuster packaged into 272 pages, fans of Jurassic Park and Pacific Rim have a chance for worlds to collide. Kaiju, Japanese for ‘strange beast’, is a genre best known in the West for the iconic towering reptilian, Godzilla. How will protagonist Jamie Gray fare as a caretaker for the otherworldly beasts? Grab the book on March 15th to find out!

John Scalzi is no stranger to action-packed tales. Since his Interdependency series treated fans to a space opera full of hijinks and humor, there’s no doubt that he has something fun in store for readers with The Kaiju Preservation Society.

The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

Speaking of series, those looking to follow an eclectic cast of magicians in a prestigious academy have a perfect match releasing on March 1st. Six hopefuls are in the running, but only five will make it. And along the way, tensions are bound to be high.

Fans of Olivie Blake’s newest novel The Atlas Six don’t have to wait too long if they enjoy the first in the series. Part two is scheduled to be released at the end of October of this year!

Until the Last of Me by Sylvain Neuvel

Weaving satire and fiction, the follow-up to last year’s A History of What Comes Next tells the on-going tales of Mia, an alien who has come to Earth with an important role. Whether she’ll fulfil her destiny of taking humanity to the stars is something readers will have to learn on March 29th.

Linguistic PhD, Sylvain Neuvel has worn many hats throughout his life. From journalist to translator to ice cream peddler, he’s always on the move and shaking things up. Until the Last of Me will likely keep that same momentum going.

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories edited by Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang

Short story lovers — particularly those wanting to read sagas rich with Chinese history and folklore — have the perfect anthology to look forward to. Enjoy dystopian worlds, xianxia fantasy, and thought-provoking essays on social issues debuting March 8th.

The Bone Orchard by Sara Mueller

For something far darker, this gothic horror tale follows the necromantic witch Charm who’s summoned to the Emperor’s chambers as he withers away in bed. She’s tasked with solving the mystery of the ruler’s impending doom, the ones suspected of wrongdoing being her own kin.

With her works previously published in multiple anthologies, The Bone Orchard is Sara Mueller’s novel debut. Show support for her new book on March 22nd or enjoy a sneak peek available for free via Kindle.

A House Between Earth and the Moon by Rebecca Scherm

Following Alex Welch-Peters — a scientist researching a strand of super-algae meant to reverse the effects of climate change — this story takes an everyone-man and places him into a world of elites set far above Earth’s atmosphere. Will the job opportunity he sacrificed everything for be worth it? Or has he made a grave mistake? Find out on March 29th!

After her 2015 novel Unbecoming, Rebecca Scherm is at it again. The California-native has one suspense thriller under her belt, and she’s branching out into the science fiction genre with A House Between Earth and the Moon.

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May

History buffs haven’t been left out. Set at the end of World War I and described by reviewers as “The Great Gatsby retelling with witches”, something mysterious and magical is surely coming on March 29th.

Fantasy, thrillers, and crime novels make up Francesca May’s body of work, and Wild and Wicked Things is the perfect addition. Check out her second pen name Fran Dorricott for more of her books, including last year’s The Final Child.

Last Exit by Max Gladstone

A band of warriors and adventurers battling it out in alternate realities — this urban fantasy story takes the heroic crew everywhere from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell to worlds unknown. On March 8th, wild and weird ventures come to life.

As a Yale graduate of Chinese literature, Max Gladstone uses his worldly travels to create otherworldly tales. Last Exit is his latest novel, but he’s an award-winning writer with plenty of releases under his belt including the Craft Sequence series.

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