10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books releasing April 2022

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Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel 

Historical fiction and time travel lovers have something to anticipate this spring. The mysterious sound of a violin ties three periods of time together. What happens when a traveler on an 18th century steamship, a moon colonist, and city detective hear a call that transcends time? Set a reminder for April 5th to find out!  

National Book Award finalist Emily St. John Mandel blends sci-fi and literary fiction into one. Those new to the sci-fi genre have had a pleasant introduction thanks to 2014’s Station Eleven. And her newest book Sea of Tranquility is sure to bring more readers to the fantastical side of fiction. 

Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher 

Shy Marra no longer wishes to watch her family suffer at the hands of a tyrant prince. With the help of a powerful witch, she’s given the tools to slay the ruler. But like in most fairy tales, Marra isn’t alone in her adventures. Guided by a fairy godmother, a loyal knight, and a demon, her goal of freeing the kingdom has finally become a reality.  

Also known as Ursula Vernon, T. Kingfisher is an author and comic artist that writes for adults and children alike. With a release perfect for the entire family, T. Kingfisher is one to grow up with. And fans don’t have to wait too long for another release, after Nettle & Bone’s debut on April 26th, her next novel What Moves the Dead is set to release on July 12th. 

In a Garden Burning Gold by Rory Power

Near immortal twins Rhea and Lexos are witnessing a change to their nation. Great powers are shifting, and the ruler — their father — is losing his fierce grip over the land. Caught between family squabbles and the threat of an uprising, the twins have to be the ones to take control of their unstable land lest its head to an untimely war.

New England-based editor Rory Power may work as a story consultant for crime fiction, but her first entry in the Argyrosi series, In a Garden Burning Gold, shows a strong prowess in fantasy. See how the adventure unfolds on April 5th.

End of the World House by Adrienne Celt

Caught up in the monotonous daily motions of her 9-to-5 job, Bertie decides to take a break from it all. A spontaneous vacation to Paris with her childhood best friend, Kate, is meant to be a joyous occasion. But when an invitation to spend a night after-hours at the Louvre forces Bertie to experience the same day over and over again, her break from monotony turns into a break from reality.

Adrienne Celt is herself a cartoonist like protagonist Bertie, but whether she’s been stuck in a Groundhog Day-like loop remains unknown. If there’s any loop she’s stuck in, it’s putting out consistent releases with elements of mystery, magical realism, and light science fiction. And End of the World House, releasing on April 19th, is her latest entry.

Aspects by John M. Ford

Fans of political intrigue — particularly in an industrialized high-fantasy setting — have a gripping tale to follow that explores the lives of three distinctly different characters. Get engaged in high-stakes battles, watch history in the making, and see how different walks of life fits into this living, breathing world.
Beloved fantasy author John M. Ford’s passing left many fans feeling hollow. Best known for his high fantasy novels — including The Dragon WaitingStar Trek tie-in novels, and game books for the GURPS pen and paper series, he has left a great impact on the fantasy genre. And Aspects, his previously unpublished last novel releasing on April 5th, cements his legacy.

Atomic Anna by Rachel Barenbaum

What if you could go back in time to stop a horrific event from ever happening? For scientist Anna Berkova, that’s a reality. The night of the Chernobyl Powerplant meltdown, she travels through time to change the events that would one day devastated the land. Unfortunately, instead of back, she moves forward in time and the fate of the Ukrainian city falls on her daughter Molly who has taken refuge in Philadelphia circa 1992.

After her New York Times highlighted debut A Bend In The Stars, Rachel Barenbaum is back at it again with Atomic Anna. Well versed in historical fiction, her new time travel tale is sure to enchant readers on April 5th.

The Blood Trials by N.E. Davenport

Ikenna has a gift that runs deep in her blood. And while she’s trained in secrecy for most of her young life, the time has come to take part in what may shape her homeland for years to come. But not all problems are external — while she faces opposition from nations beyond, Ikenna struggles with her sense of self.
New on the scene, N.E. Davenport is already a natural in crafting characters grounded in problems many face on a daily basis. The Blood Trials, releasing April 5th, is her first novel. More will soon be on the way for The Blood Gift Duology series.

God of Neverland: A Defenders of Lore Novel by Gama Ray Martinez

Retellings of classic tales bring timeless stories to new audiences or view themes through a new lens. This Peter Pan retelling follows the journeys of the youngest in the Darling family, Michael, as he’s forced to return to Neverland — a world he once believed he left behind forever.

No stranger to whimsical adventures and YA fantasy, Gama Ray Martinez has showcased his talents in action and epics with the Pharim War and Goblin Star series in the past. Come April 12th, he’ll reimagine familiar worlds in God of Neverland: A Defenders of Lore Novel.

Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel

Combining Indian mythology and high fantasy, this book takes historical tales and retells them for a modern audience. The kingdom of Kekaya’s princess, young Kaikeyi, knows well what is expected of her. But when horrors thought only to be fiction come to life, she is forced to take on a new role — one that may change the state of her homeland forever.

As Vaishnavi Patel’s debut novel, Kaikeyi is certainly ambitious. Worldbuilding and crafting a unique setting based on rich cultural history and mythology is no small feat. Check out that hard work, care, and dedication on April 26th.

Flint and Mirror by John Crowley

Some prefer their fantasy to be slow and methodical — diving deep into rich lore and incorporating tidbits to keep history buffs salivating. Those invested in Irish history will have figures and events to spark their interests while the relationship between an English queen and the lord of the North will keep them intrigued.

Longtime author John Crowley has penned magical tales since the mid 70s, and he’s not done bringing his worlds to life yet. From magical realism to historical fiction, his catalog is overflowing with stories to check out. Flint and Mirror, releasing April 19th, is one of many more hopefully to come.

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