10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books releasing May 2022

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Book of Night by Holly Black

In a world of malleable shadows, Charlie — a bartender dipping her toes into the city’s criminal underbelly — seeks a balance between dark and light. This balance is upset, however, when someone from her past returns. Will her command of shadow magic be enough to keep ghosts from the past at bay? Or will the city’s darkest secrets consume her?

With a plethora of fantasy series under her belt including The Folk of Air and Modern Faerie Tales, Holly Black has amassed a core fanbase. Her upcoming paranormal mystery release Book of Night — available on May 3rd — gives newcomers a gateway into her work.

Elektra: A Novel of the House of Atreus by Jennifer Saint

Fans of Greek mythology have something to look forward to with this fantasy retelling. Elektra is the niece of Helen of Troy and daughter of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae. The House of Atreus may be filled with generations of bloodshed and violence, but Elektra isn’t satisfied with the status quo. Some traditions don’t die easily, and Elektra’s goals may be just out of her grasp.

Many may know Jennifer Saint from her 2021 debut novel, Ariadne. Well versed in Greek mythology, Saint uses her historical knowledge and engaging storytelling to create compelling fantasy works. Check out Elektra: A Novel of the House of Atreus on May 3rd.

Primitives by Erich Krauss

A plague infects mankind — causing humanity to revert to a primitive state. All seems lost, but for Seth Keller, he’s convinced that there’s still time to prevent extinction. Fleeing safety in the hopes that others are out there willing to put their lives on the line, Seth’s goal is all but hopeless until he meets Sarah Peoples. The two of them, against all odds, have to attempt the impossible.

New to the sci-fi world, Erich Krauss’ body of work may lean towards non-fiction, but Primitives showcases range. Luckily, this won’t be his last venture into dystopian fiction. After the series’ May 10th release, Krauss plans on publishing a sequel in the near future. 

Siren Queen by Nghi Vo

Hollywood starlet Luli Wei’s life isn’t all glitz and glamor. With every step controlled by the industry, she yearns to have her own voice — even if that voice is that of a monster. Combining historical fiction and magic, this story explores themes of love, self-reliance, and courage wrapped together with engaging prose.

Best known for her The Singing Hills Cycle series, Nghi Vo explores fantasy with a socially conscious lens. Often telling stories about characters who’d otherwise go voiceless, Vo’s Siren Queen, which releases May 10th, gives Old Hollywood some modern flare.

City of Orange by David Yoon

After waking alone in a desert with amnesia, a man is forced to piece details of his life back together… while he survives the harsh climate. A slow-burn tale more focused on the psychological toll taken on a sole survivor rather than hoards of beasties, this book is perfect for those who want time to stop and reflect on the protagonist’s situation.

Providing deep dives into his character’s minds, David Yoon has a talent for humanizing life in unfamiliar settings. In dystopian worlds like City of Orange — available May 24th — sometimes one’s thoughts paint a clearer portrait than dilapidated landscapes.

Sleepwalk by Dan Chaon

Will Bear isolates himself from the outside world. Taking on new identities by the dozen and taking part in shady deals, he has cast aside any temptation to settle down with family and friends. That is until family finds him first. His AI daughter Cammie comes back into his life, and Will may have to confront everything he’s run away from.

Featured in The Washington Post, Entertainment Weekly, and more, Dan Chaon has proven his prowess with award-winning books such as 2002’s Among the Missing. His newest release, Sleepwalk, can be found at major retailers such as Amazon on May 24th.

Walk the Vanished Earth by Erin Swan

Spanning seven generations, this story follows the lineage of a family who has hunted on the plains of Kansas, survived near-extinction events, and settled on floating cities all within the span of 200 years. What ties them together, even if time keeps them apart, is a dream that they may one day leave the confines of Earth.

Walk the Vanished Earth may be Erin Swan’s debut novel, but her prose shows a deep talent for writing. With any hope, fans will continue to read more from her in years to come starting with her first book which will be released on May 31st

Black Tide by K.C. Jones

A spontaneous encounter has Mike and Beth stuck together for the long haul. When a meteor shower ruins all chances of moving on with their daily lives, the two take to the Oregon coast where they’re forced to consider the worst case scenario — that they’re the only ones left.

Newcomer to science fiction, K.C. Jones may have a background in picture books and children’s media but that’s no reason to discount them. Black Tide follows an unlikely couple taking chances to survive; readers should go against the mold and check this novel out on May 10th.

The Stone Road by Trent Jamieson

In a world of monsters and mayhem, young Jean is kept locked away by her grandmother. Safe at home, the young girl has no fears of the darkness brewing. But when she’s forced to leave behind all she knows, will Jean have what it takes to battle demons? No matter her hesitations, the world around her won’t wait.
7 years after his paranormal novel Day Boy, Trent Jamieson is back with a pen in hand ready to tell the tale of a magical world full of fearsome demons. Part dystopian and part coming-of-age tale, The Stone Road is coming to keep readers eagerly flipping each page on May 18th.

Hide by Kiersten White

Fans of the Hunger Games have a new dystopian thriller to sink their teeth into. Set in an abandoned amusement park, challengers have one week to hide. Consequences may be brutal for those caught, but given the promised prize money, perhaps it’s worth it to some to take the risk.

As a New York Times bestselling author, Kiersten White has had time to solidify a core audience of urban fantasy, paranormal, and historical fiction lovers. Taking to the dystopian genre, Hide releasing on May 24th, is the next novel for her writing to shine.

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