What to Do While You Wait for the Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date 

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We’re with you- quality TV takes WAY too long to produce. So if you’re like us and your legs are tired from sitting on the edge of your seat as you wait for season 4 of Stranger Things, we have a solution that might just blow your mind. 

Stranger Things books. 

Yup, books. 

An elegant solution for a primitive world, these books are a great way to feed your need for the intense storyline while you wait for the actual show to hurry up and get back on Netflix. 

While you wait for the Stranger Things season 4 release date, you can ease your Stranger Things withdrawal symptoms with our top 4 Stranger Things Books.  

Warning- this way, there’ll be spoilers. If you haven’t watched every moment of the show from beginning to end, put down your phone and do it. Then, come back to this after. We’ll wait… 

1. Stranger Things- Suspicious Minds 

An excellent place to start is the beginning. Suspicious Minds is the first book in the series and gives us more background information on Eleven’s mother. It also gives us the shocking truth we didn’t know we lacked about Terry Ives and everything she goes through as she struggles to learn the true motivations of Dr. Martin Brennan and what she signed up for with MKUltra. 

2. Stranger Things- Darkness on the Edge of Town 

We miss Hopper too. While you’re waiting to see if anything happens next to the lovable giant after wondering, “Did Hopper die at the end of Stranger Things season 3?” you can quench your thirst for Hopper moments with this book. Hopper delves into his past, telling us about New York City and his life as a police detective there. Learn more about the enigmatic detective as he tells his curious adopted daughter about the past. 

3. Stranger Things- The Other Side 

While technically not a book, this graphic novel does make it onto our list because of one awful question scratching at the back of our minds; “What happened to Will Byers?” Watching his mother slowly lose it was heart-wrenching without knowing what was happening to him. This graphic novel shows the harrowing game of hide-and-go-seek Will endures with the Demogorgon, peppered with moments of levity by showing all the ways Dungeons and Dragons helped to save Will’s life. 

4. Runaway Max 

While you’re wondering, “When will Stranger Things season 4 be on Netflix?” relive the adventure from a fresh angle. Max Mayfield proves to be an invaluable addition to the team. She brings a balance of kick-ass and intelligence that helps drive the storyline hole offering a foil to the original characters. This book provides insights into the life of the newest member of the Stranger Things cast before she stumbled into our story and showed her adventures with our favorite D&D campaign from her perspective. This bonus rounds the story out, letting you get a sneak peek at the other side of the experience. 

Wait- What Is the Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date? 

If you’ve already started your Stranger Things season 4 release date countdown, you’re not alone. After the heart-rending finale, we’ve all been holding our breath waiting to see Stranger Things season 4 on Netflix. 

We come bearing good news. Not only are there books to fill your time while you wait, but the wait is almost over. The latest reports have it that there will be new Stranger Things episodes on Netflix on May 27, 2022. So grab a book, and devour some more content while you wait. 

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